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Default Image Posting Help

Steps to post a photo on the forums:

After taking a photo with your digital camera, you would download it to your computer desktop, your downloads file or pictures file.

If you have Photoshop or a similar photo editing program, it's easy to crop your photos, make any adjustment in lighting or color, and then to resize them. The standard width for images posted on most forums is 640 pixels.

We recommend that posted images on this forum be no wider than 1024 pixels. Images wider than 1024 pixels will "blow out the frame".

Some photo hosting websites have these tools as well, and there are also free websites that allow you to make these changes such as:

Photos need to be saved as "JPEG" files before they can be uploaded to photo hosts and then to be posted on the forums. JPEG files always end with .jpg

There are many free photo hosting websites that store your photos in online albums and allow you to link to them so they can be posted on forums like:

Using Photobucket as an example, after signing up to be member, you can start uploading your images.

If you haven't resized your images, you can have Photobucket resize your images during the upload, or afterwards:

Look at the upper right corner of the Upload Box and click on "Options::

Then change the size to "message board ( 640 x 480 )"....or larger if like....and click "Save" at the bottom:

Then you can click on "Browse" and find your photos so they can be uploaded to your Photobucket album.

If you have already resized your photos to the 850 width, then click on "1 megabyte file size".
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Join Date: Feb 2008
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When you want to post a photo from your album, login to your Photobucket account and click on the photo you want. To the right you will see a box with several choices. Got to "IMG Code - Forums & Bulletin Boards", and left click on it or the url beneith it which will highlight the url. Then click left click and in the popup box, click on "copy"

Then come back here and left click where you want the photo to appear in your post, and then right click and then left click on "Paste".

If you have done everything properly, then a photo URL like:

Will appear online as a photo image such as:

You can also paste your image's URL in the posting box, and then add [img] on the front and [/img] on the back end of the URL and the photo will appear in your post.

If you want your photo to be viewed at a larger size than 850 px wide, or you don’t want to bother with resizing your photo, then just post the URL only so members can click on the link to view the photo in a separate window.

Feel free to use the Testing Forum to practice photo posting as well as other forum features.
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